Your legal partner for innovative projects in the energy sector

Small and big initiatives will trigger the necessary changes in our energy landscape. We want to support yours as well.

Bixt Tim

What we stand for

Only for market players

No innovation without a market. The energy market is crucial to tackle the challenges of global warming. Blixt only works for market players, never for regulators or grid operators.

The quality of a big firm

At Blixt, we have at least the same level of experience and knowledge as the big law firms. You get the same quality, but at a better price. Moreover, you can directly speak to us.

Crystal clear

We think together with you. We use clear language instead of legalese. We don’t charge hidden office costs. We prefer a fixed fee above hourly billing.


Together with you, we work towards the best solution

We like to work together. With you, but also with each other. Conferring, we reach better results.

Tim square

Tim Vermeir

Tim wrote the first legal book about utilities. He only works for the energy sector since. He assists big energy projects, was involved in important procedures about energy law, advises on closed distribution systems and direct lines and supports new market entrants.

More about Tim

Our services

How can we help you?

By guiding you through (new) legislation and drafting good contracts, we want to avoid legal disputes.

The best implementation of the legislation

Belgian energy legislation is complex and changes often. We guide you through the labyrinth of rules and regulations.

Projects and contracts

You have an innovative idea to tackle climate challenges. Or you want to offer new services to active or less active energy customers. We draft the contracts that are most suited to your situation and we support the implementation of your project.

Purchase and sale of energy

Power purchase agreements, general conditions, heat supply agreements, …

Direct lines, closed distribution systems and energy communities

Connection and access contracts, rights of users, operation and maintenance agreements, negotiations with grid operators and regulators, …

(Renewable) energy projects

Contacts with governments or grid operators, contracts with customers, due diligence, …

Mediation and disputes

In each conflict situation, but in particular for projects, mediation can be preferred above a procedure. We help you to prepare such mediation. If it fails, we represent you in procedures against other contract parties, the government or the grid operators before the courts or in arbitral proceedings.

Our process

How we work

We start from your interests. First, we want to understand them well. That is the only way we can offer you the best assistance.

  1. You contact us

    We talk or answer immediately, or call or mail you back within half a day.

  2. We ask questions

    We ask a lot of questions. We want to get a clear view of your question, its underlying questions and interests, both yours and your “opponent’s”.

  3. A quick start

    If we understand the situation well, we can answer you immediately or very quickly. Sometimes this is not possible. Then we have to think a bit longer. We do, however, promise you a deadline and stick to it.

Let’s work together!

Do you have an energy project? Are you lost in the legal labyrinth? Do you need advice from a small and specialised team?